Fate of the Fae: Complete Series Collection

by Vera Rivers

The complete Fate of the Fae series.

Captured by the Fae
I come face to face with my captor, the Fae King, and he’s as terrifying as he is mesmerizing. His dark hair, chiseled body, and icy blue eyes draw me in, but he’s dangerous—especially because I’m a human.

Forbidden Fae
The Fae King claims me as his own, but a fairytale ending is not in my foreseeable future. There’s only one way to escape this, even though it’s the last thing I want to do.

Fae Destiny
I’ll either save my kingdom or destroy it. My power is still a mystery that I must unravel to save the kingdom.

Ruthless Fae King
My enemy claimed me as his own. The future king better prepare for a fight. My choices are my own, and I will never choose him.

Her Warrior Fae
A terrible accident wipes my memory clean. Dex makes me feel safe, and I’m told that we once loved each other. But if I’m supposed to love him, why can’t I remember anything about him?

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Category: Fantasy Romance