Falling Into Place

by Stephanie J. Scott

After a terrible day at her awful job, the last thing Mia Hammond expects is to see her ex at happy hour. On the floor. Unconscious, after falling over at the sight of her.

They always did make a disastrous pairing.

Aaron Stanek is humiliated to discover not only did he suffer a concussion, he wasn’t even on the ice when it happened. Worse, Mia-freaking-Hammond, aka the love of his life who blames him for tanking her sports agenting career, is at his side in the hospital.

Mia swallows her pride and asks Aaron for a favor to aid her beloved childhood camp. Surely, two mature adults who happened to have dated once upon a time (fiery break-up notwithstanding) can handle working together.

And it puts Aaron back in Mia’s orbit, with the long-shot chance she just might forgive him.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance