Falling for the Grumpy Mountain Man

by Zoey Rose

Stranded in the wilderness, the only help I find is a handsome ex-military, and he’s the definition of a mountain man. Tall. Broad-shouldered. Grumpy.

When a work delivery goes wrong, I’m caught in the ruthless grip of a storm. The only way to survive is with this six-foot-five man with a rugged beard and a fierce dark-eyed gaze.

His towering presence can’t be ignored, and those deep brown eyes are precisely why I keep hearing “danger” in my head. I should keep my distance. I should keep being Ivy – feisty and fearless.
But the moment he tells me I can stay, his intense gaze offers a warmth that outmatches his roaring fireplace.

I’ve been burned before, tricked by men with silver tongues and empty promises. Can I really unchain myself from my own past? And can Brock muster the courage to lower his defenses and surrender to the spark between us?

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Category: Contemporary Romance