Fallen Prey

by Aliya DalRae

One Scottish Vampire.
One Sassy Shifter.
One Common Goal.

Peopling is hard, especially for a Vampire hybrid with, well, people issues. Everything was fine until Kitty entered Harrier’s life. Now, feelings he buried centuries ago have resurfaced, all because a tiny cat Shifter with bad table manners was too curious for her own good.

Kythryn Flannigan is all about the shock value, using sarcasm to smother the pain that has defined her adult life. But then Harrier bulldozed in, and she was one smitten kitten. Underneath his grumpy demeanor and giant-redwood proportions she sensed a male who, if nothing else, would make her toes curl.

Now, a threat from their past has resurfaced, and the apparent end-game is to see her dead. With Harrier as her bodyguard, Kythryn may well survive the feral attacks only to fall victim to something far more dangerous: A Vampire capable of stealing her heart.

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Category: Paranormal Romance