Fall for You

by Hayleigh Sol

When one of your closest friends practically begs you to be her maid of honor, what can you do but say yes? Even if you’re 100% certain she’s making the biggest mistake of her life.

Something I could show the bride, if the sexy-as-sin best man would quit distracting me.

Hmm, I wonder if there’s time to mix a little pleasure with the business of stopping a wedding…

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Summer Flame

by Hayleigh Sol

When you’re stressed to the max, doubting every decision you make with your company, and everyone’s telling you to take a vacation—including your own temperamental intestines—you probably ought to listen.

So I head to the lake my family’s loved for generations. The campground where I had my first kiss…and another important first. When the boy who gave me those firsts happens to be a couple of campsites over, it’s clear the man he’s become is every bit as charming, and smokin’ hot, as the boy.

Sparks fly with an old flame. He could be exactly what I need to rekindle my own inner fire.

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