Fake Pet

by Jamie Knight


My boss wants me to submit to his every command.

I made the mistake of dating my older, hot, cocky boss.
He wanted me to be his submissive little pet.
I thought I was too independent and strong-willed for that.
But now I feel empty without him.
I have to admit I’m craving his touch, his kiss, and even his control.
So, when he asks for a favor, I at least have to hear him out.
He wants me to bare all onstage in a show to promote his uncle’s club.
I would have to pretend to be his pet.
And do whatever he orders, in front of everyone’s eyes.
If the wrong person sees, my reputation could be ruined.
But for some reason, and not just the money, I still want to do it.

Will being his good fake little pet ruin my life?
Or will it turn out to bring me real happiness beyond my wildest dreams?


I can’t get over her, but can I persuade her to accept my way of life?

Eileen has the body of my dreams.
But I have certain needs that involve being dominant and in charge.
And she’s as feisty and unpredictable as those curves of hers suggest.
We didn’t think we were compatible together.
Now she haunts my mind and I avoid her in the office.
Until my uncle wants me to prove that I’m the heir to his empire,
which involves a club for men like me, who regularly have pets.
The only problem is that I don’t currently have one.
As my inheritance is on the line, Eileen agrees to play along as my pet.
But thanks to our charade, she soon needs something fake, too– a fiancé.
And I’m beginning to want both of those things for real.

Will having her in my life ruin her own?
Or will both of us be able to create a new life together?

Fake Pet is a full length standalone novel. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!

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Category: Contemporary Romance