Exposed to Love: The Complete Series

by Savina Joyce

A fake fiancé. A secret baby. A wedding.

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His Shot:

When Phaedra was hired for a corporate photoshoot at the hottest law firm in the city, she jumped at the chance. Finding love was not in her plans.
When Logan discovered that only family men made partner at his firm, he thought his dream would be lost forever. Until he met a sexy photographer who might make the perfect fake fiancé for the upcoming office party.
Phaedra and Logan have chemistry that is impossible to ignore, but this was just a business arrangement. Right?
Can this staged romance turn into true love? Or, will their demanding careers stand in the way?

Her Focus:

Phaedra and Logan turned their fake relationship into true love.
Everything was going great. Until Phaedra found out she was pregnant. With her business growing and Logan’s legal career on the fast track, this baby couldn’t be coming at a worse time. But, Phaedra is thrilled. She always dreamed of having a family of her own, and this baby could make her dreams come true… unless Logan wants no part. Afraid of how he’ll react, Phaedra decides to hide her pregnancy from Logan. How will he react when he finds out about their secret baby? Will it destroy his career ambitions? Can their love survive this secret

Their Perfect Picture:

Phaedra and Logan have been through a lot.
From fake engagements to secret babies, their relationship has been tested and they always come out on top. Now with Phaedra’s due date looming, wedding planning is thrown into the mix! Can they plan for a baby and a wedding without losing each other in the process?

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