Eve of the Fae

by E. Menozzi

Eve doesn’t believe in magic or fate. But when her carefully ordered life begins to unravel, she starts dreaming about the Faerie Queen depicted in a tapestry that hangs at her uncle’s family estate in England. She decides to visit Lydbury Manor at Christmas, and discovers a mysterious handsome stranger, who says he’s her uncle’s secretary, is also living at the manor.

Liam has been masquerading as a human for far too long, at least as far as the Fae High Court is concerned. He knows he’s close to locating the magical artifacts that will help the Fae destroy the leader of the Wild Hunt. He just needs a little more time, not the distraction of a curious and beautiful human.

As Eve’s suspicions about Liam bring her closer to discovering his secrets, the pair are forced to decide between fighting their mutual attraction, or surrendering to a forbidden love that will threaten both their lives.

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Category: Fantasy Romance