Erotcia Vampires Part I

by L.W. Boudreaux

Don’t Bite…Unless You’re Ready for Blood!

Max has spent his life, and the lives of countless others, waiting… for the dyad.

Their union has the power to take him from a life spent in the darkness into a life of choice, of feeling, and closure.

When he finally finds her, a long-standing relationship with another vampire threatens to wipe away his efforts. There’s only one. And if she’s gone, so are Max’s chances of freedom.

Erotcia Vampires is the first book in the Vampire series that follows Max and Wisteen in a twisted tale of power, dominance, sacrifice, and vengeance. Fans of K.F. Breene, D.J. Heart, and Bo Naidal will lap up every juicy detail of this fast-paced vampire romance.

Download Erotcia Vampires today for heart-pounding, palm-sweating ecstasy.

Erotcia Vampires is intended for adults 18 and up.

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Category: Erotic Romance