Equal and Opposite Reactions

by Patti Liszkay

Set in working-class Northeast Philadelphia, “Equal And Opposite Reactions” tells of the chain of events that unwinds when Sally Miller, a divorced, emotionally struggling young mother and Silvio Jablonski, a broken-hearted plumber, learn they have something strangely in common.
Their discovery leads them down a rabbit hole that causes their lives to become entwined while they navigate a constellation of characters including Sally’s financially over-extended ex-husband, Silvio’s sexually manipulative ex-wife, a shady South Philadelphia salvage yard operator, a desperate family of undocumented Nicaraguan immigrants and a socially-conscious African-American lawyer who becomes their advocate.
Followed by “Hail Mary” and “Tropical Depression,” “Equal and Opposite Reactions” is the first book of a trilogy of poignant stand-alone romantic comedies that weave a continuing tale of life and love.

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Category: Romantic Comedy