Ensnared by the Pack: The Complete Series

by Tessa Cole

Betrayed by destiny and bound to a stranger. I thought finding my fated mate would change my life. I’m a wolf shifter who can’t shift, the lowest member of my pack, forced into servitude, and when I hear the fated mating call I think things are finally going to change. Instead, my mate rejects me, offering me as a sacrifice to a monster. Bloody and broken, I flee into the arms of three irresistible brothers and accidentally bond with the surliest one, Knox. He wants nothing to do with me, but our bond remains and can’t be broken. And while I’m drawn to Knox, I’m equally captivated by his brothers, who surprisingly welcome me into their pack. Trusting them is hard after my mate’s betrayal, and if I want real freedom, I must break the unbreakable bond.

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Category: Paranormal Romance