Emma and the City

by Amy Hilliges

It-girl and blogger Emma Worth appears to have it all: beauty, brains, connections and a fabulous Manhattan apartment. Emma makes it her business to tell others what to wear and who to date because she knows best. Obviously.

Despite her designer outfits and glitzy New York lifestyle, something’s missing . . . if she only knew what it was. That is until a hot A-lister swoops into her life and sends Emma’s pulse racing and fills her head with red-carpet fantasies.

Emma’s neighbor Adam Knightley is disapproving, telling her she needs to fix her priorities and stop chasing celebrity pipe dreams. The man would look hot on a red carpet himself if only he’d stop frowning for more than five seconds.

When Emma’s matchmaking backfires and her meddling causes scandal, what’s a girl to do?

Find out in this fun, flirty, feel-good read about how blind we can be to our own faults and how sometimes everything we’ve ever wanted is right before our eyes.

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Category: Romantic Comedy