Easy Ride

by Nichole Rose

Loving his curvy lamb will be this former SEAL’s easiest ride yet.

Ainsley Foster has the brightest eyes and sweetest smile I’ve ever seen.
Whatever she’s running from sent her straight to my gym.
I want her to run right into my arms.
But earning her trust is no easy feat.
All she knows of motorcycle clubs is what she’s seen on the news.
She knows nothing of men like meā€”those willing to die to protect the people they love.
No matter, though.
Teaching this sweet lamb will be the easiest ride of my life.

Shep Stratford is the strongest man I’ve ever met.
He’s ex-military. Quiet. Ridiculously sweet. Wickedly hot.
He’s also in a motorcycle club.
Yet, when I’m anywhere near him, all I feel is safe.
He knows I’m running from something. He says it doesn’t matter.
But he doesn’t know my uncle is the biggest billionaire in Wyoming.
When he finds out the truth, will he still want to keep me?

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Category: Contemporary Romance