Dutch Treat

by D.E. Haggerty

Can a fun-loving Dutchman convince an uptight attorney to break all her rules?
I live my life by my rules. I don’t care if I suddenly find myself working overseas in Holland. My rules are my rules, and I’m sticking to them. Everyone can call me Uptight Avery all they want. Not my problem.
Rule #1: Do not tell a subordinate he looks like a Norse god – even if it’s true.
Rule #2: Do not kiss a subordinate when in a conference room with windows for walls. Scratch that. No kissing subordinates period.
Rule #3: Do not stare at a subordinate’s ahem assets when he’s half-naked because you barged into his hotel room. And maybe not barge into his hotel room either.
Rule #4: And do not, under any circumstance, drink too many Pumpkin Spice White Russians and fling yourself into bed with your flirty subordinate.
Will Avery Go Dutch and enjoy herself a scrumptious looking Dutch Treat? Or will she stick to her rules no matter how much her fingers itch to strip Niels bare and lick him from head to toe?
This office romantic comedy features a workaholic determined to stay as far away from love and squishy feelings as possible, a fun-loving Dutchman who’s just as determined to force the workaholic to let her hair down, and two friends who have decided to try their hands at playing matchmaker.

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Category: Romantic Comedy