Dutch Treat

by D.E. Haggerty

An uptight attorney with no time for love vs. a goofball Dutchman determined to show her how fun love can be. Let the games begin.

I live my life by my rules. I don’t care if I suddenly find myself working overseas in Holland. My rules are my rules, and I’m sticking to them. Everyone can call me Uptight Avery all they want. Not my problem.
Rule #1: Do not tell a subordinate he looks like a Norse god – even if it’s true.
Rule #2: Do not kiss a subordinate when in a conference room with windows for walls. Scratch that. No kissing subordinates period.
Rule #3: Do not stare at a subordinate’s ahem assets when he’s half-naked because you barged into his hotel room. And maybe not barge into his hotel room either.
Rule #4: And do not, under any circumstance, drink too many Pumpkin Spice White Russians and fling yourself into bed with your flirty subordinate.

Will Avery Go Dutch and enjoy herself a scrumptious looking Dutch Treat? Or will she stick to her rules no matter how much her fingers itch to strip Niels bare and lick him from head to toe?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Double Dutch

by D.E. Haggerty

She thinks their relationship is fake. But he’s not faking a thing.

Moving to Holland was supposed to be a second chance for my marriage. Instead, I end up alone and afraid I’m going to get kicked out of the country. I need a man to be my fake partner pronto. Matthijs jumps into the role. When my husband returns, my ‘fake’ partner refuses to let me go. I have to go back to my husband, but I don’t want to give up Matthijs.

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