by Lori Sjoberg

Mason clawed his way to the top through hard work and sheer determination. So when the owner of a farm refuses to sell the land crucial for his latest development, he’ll do what it takes to convince the stubborn woman to sign on the dotted line.

Kayla’s on the verge of losing the farm she inherited from her grandfather. It’s a matter of time before she’s forced into foreclosure, but there’s no way she’s selling to Mason. His good looks and sex appeal might work on some women—okay, it works on her too—but she’s not selling to a man intent on bulldozing her family’s legacy.

A war of words turns into a wager—and Kayla’s chance to save the farm. All she has to do is prove to the billionaire that he can’t handle two weeks of working the land. She never expected the burning desire she feels when he’s around. With her heart and the family business on the line, will she risk it all for love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance