Dreamy: Baby Be Mine Series

by Amber Moore

Can you really trust a billionaire to be in love with you?

Madeline Russo is a pretty-but-shy boutique store worker whose life changes overnight when she crosses paths with a charismatic billionaire, Harry Morrigan. Harry is grumpy, demanding, and so full of himself. Yet, there’s something about him that succeeds in charming Madeline, who agrees to accompany him to an extravagant party where Harry introduces her to a world of luxury, power, and class.

Can she trust him though? He still seems obsessed over his glamourous ex-girlfriend, Angelina Kramer, and his endeavors with Madeline might just be a way to get back together with his ex.

Madeline’s been hiding her whole life. Will she finally spread her wings and come into her own to find love in a world that is entirely foreign to her? Or will it all prove too much?

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Category: Contemporary Romance