Dragon’s Heart

by Jada Cox

In one night, a monstrous attack flips college-student Arie’s life is turned inside out, leaving her her grappling with new, dangerous powers and a deep connection to the enigmatic Caderyn. Thrust into a world brimming with dark magic and dangerous creatures, she finds herself bound to this man who is both protector and enigma.

As they navigate through shadows and secrets, Arie’s abilities become both a beacon of hope and a deadly threat. Caderyn, with secrets of his own, stands beside her, their fates intertwined irrevocably. But trust is rare in a world filled with deceit and darkness.

Each step forward is a dance with danger, every truth uncovered a potential trap. Yet, as the world they knew fades away, the bond between Arie and Caderyn grows, a testament to the courage and strength found in the chaos. Will they rise together or fall to the hidden threats that surround them? The answer lies in the courage of a woman who once lived an ordinary life and the heart of a dragon-shifter who has shown her an extraordinary world.
Dive into their story and discover if love can truly conquer all. Unveil the mystery, embrace the magic, and join Arie on her heart-stopping journey.

$2.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy Romance