Dragon Shifter Dominion 1: Passion of the Summer Dragon

by KC Kingmaker

In my world, I’m supposed to fear dragons. So why am I so drawn to this one?


I’ve spent years avoiding men. I’ve seen what they can do. In fact, I’ve made it my life’s goal to protect other women from their savagery.

I’ve heard dragon shifters are the worst. More beast than man, they are the sanctimonious leaders of this world, only concerned with their own power.

So why can’t I keep myself away from this one? He’s pompous and arrogant, yet there’s a part of him that keeps calling to me. Yes, he’s sinfully sexy and animalistic, but those alone aren’t enough.

This man holds secrets I need to uncover, if only to discover more about myself . . .


She’s just a frail Unscaled woman, standing in my way. She’s an obstacle on my quest to retrieve something that’s been in my family for generations. A distraction, and possibly an adversary.

That’s what I need to believe . . .

But there’s a deeper part of me that burns for her, telling me she’s more than what I know. I’ve had countless fawning women, but this one isn’t like that. Doesn’t she see the dragon inside me, aching to get out and take her? Why isn’t she frightened?

Perhaps my worst fear is true: I’m not the dominant one here, and she holds all the power . . .

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Category: Paranormal Romance