Dragon Lord

by Miranda Martin

I knew it was a suicide mission when they offered it to me.

After the Dragons and Phoenixes went to war, the world as we knew it ended. Surviving cities built massive domes to protect themselves from the dangers of the outside world. Even for someone like me, a transporter, going beyond those domes is a death wish.

But when I was approached to transport a sun-sick child – half-human, half-phoenix – back to his family, I couldn’t refuse. The catch? I had to take him through the Dragon Lord’s territory, the one place I could never afford to be seen.

To make matters worse, my client seems to know something about me that I’ve worked hard to keep hidden. If I don’t succeed in this mission, it could cost me everything – including my life.

As I embark on this dangerous journey, I must use all of my skills and wit to survive. Will I make it to the end, or will my luck finally run out

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Category: Paranormal Romance