Dragon Knight

by Jayne Hawke, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick

She hunted those who preyed on the innocent.

Iona Stormchild trained for years, preparing her for this moment. As a human in a world full of supernatural predators, she has made herself a weapon. No longer will they hunt and use those like her. One party changed everything.

War is on the horizon.

Lord Evander, the last remaining dragon fae, holds one of the largest and most powerful territories in London. His businesses have holdings all around the world. He doesn’t have time to consider romance, not with an enemy edging closer with each passing day. Yet he cannot get the beautiful half-breed out of his head. Could she be the one to break his curse and break him from the uncontrollable changes into a fearsome dragon?

What was designed to drive them apart, only brought them together.

Iona had been waiting for the day to hunt the elusive dragon that dared roam the streets of London. When she realises who he really is, and the position he holds in the world, she must make a decision.

Will she turn against all she has known and stand with Evander? Or betray her heart and finally slay the dragon?

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Category: Paranormal Romance