Dracones Awakening

by Sheri-Lynn Marean

Unfairly cursed and hunted for a thousand years by a powerful group of druid witches, the Dracones fight for their survival.

After their village was massacred, Tierney and friends fled to Earth, keeping their identity as dragon shifters secret. Only you can’t run from the past—twenty-one-year-old Tierney realizes when she gazes into the tormented eyes of the man she loves.

His failure to protect his brother left Jax broken. Now as his Awakening approaches, his powers grow unpredictable. If he survives his change, he fears he’ll endanger the one he loves—Tierney.

Their past catches up when the Ilyium find them. Tierney and Jax must overcome their legacy and learn to trust in themselves to avoid their enemies sinister plans.

For 18+.
If you love dark, steamy, paranormal romance, get swept into this magical world of dragons, shapeshifters, weres, vampires, witches and more.

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