Don’t Fall for the Doctor

by Lacey Bolt

Ashley is a hospital housekeeper who can’t seem to get a break. Between a boss who hates her guts and grad school rejection letters she can’t seem to get ahead. And on top of that, Dr. Tobers, a cardiologist just named Dr. Sexy in the local social magazine does not remember her name.

But Dr. Tobers does notice Ashley. He just calls her the wrong name to keep that jealous, pesky nurse away from Ashley. Not only that, he is afraid his panic attacks will turn Ashley off to him. And besides, he does not have time for a relationship. He saves lives and a relationship will compromise that.

They don’t want to fall in love with each other but after their first kiss they may not have a choice.

Don’t Fall for the Doctor, the first book in the Don’t Fall series, is a sweet clean romance sure to keep you wanting more. If you love characters with hidden secrets, hospital settings and hunky doctors then you will love this story by Lacey Bolt.

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Category: Romantic Comedy