Don’t Come Around Here

by Eva Luxe and Juliana Conners

I’m back in town and I want back in her.

I get what I want. Money, fame, status.
Except for the one thing I had to give up: Carly.
We were each other’s first kiss, first f*ck, first love.
Until her strict dad found out and told me not to come around anymore.
I could never forget her curvy body and feisty attitude.
We’re both back in our hometown and it seems the feeling is mutual.
From the way her eyes light up when she sees me,
I know her panties are soaking wet for me.
I just have to get back in them.
She says I stole her innocence and she won’t let me steal her heart.

F*ck that. I take what I want and I want my first love back.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance