Do-Over with my Ex

by Josie Hart

He’s the Italian Stallion who crushed my heart once,
But OH what I wouldn’t give for another ride.

He was a young foreign exchange student,
And we agreed it was just a fling.
Even though I knew in my heart it was more.

Today he’s a full-grown man, impeccably dressed.
Stacked muscles, piercing eyes, and too-good-for-you attitude.
Just my type of red flag.

The history between us runs deep.
I can still remember his taste,
Remember the feel of him inside me.

Hearing my old pet name ghost his lips,
Cara Mia,
And I lose all my inhibitions.

I’m not the same girl I was.
So I should have known better than to let this serial flirt in again.

Because if I don’t keep my distance, he’ll be my undoing.
And I don’t come undone, for anyone.

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Category: Contemporary Romance