Dirty Mafia King

by Michele Mannon


As boss of a powerful mafia family, I take what I want. Empires. Lives. Everything in-between. But some crimes deserve a different sacrifice than death. That sleazy politician Russo learned this the hard way, after I arranged for my son to marry his sweet, innocent daughter.

She’s trapped in my kingdom now, a pretty little burden to be used any way I like.
Except I won’t touch her.

She belongs to my son.
And family always comes first.


Sebastiano Beneventi is everything I fear. Brutal. Cunning. My soon-to-be father-in-law. He’ll stop at nothing to gain control of the Twelve Famiglie, even forcing his son—who hates my guts—into marrying me. I’m to pay the price for my father’s betrayal.

But I have a forbidden secret. The reason Sebastiano Beneventi is always watching me. A dangerously twisted game I play.

I’ve no interest in his son.

What I want is him, the dirty mafia king.

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Category: Erotic Romance