Dirty Addiction

by Ella Miles

Matteo Carini is used to getting what he wants, and he’s decided he wants to take me.

He was never supposed to enter my life again. He was obsessed with Nina, my best friend. He stole her. He did unthinkable things to her. But she chose his brother instead.
Now he thinks I’m the key to getting Nina back.
He’s wrong.
I’m used to dealing with the worst of the worst. I lock away criminals for a living. I can handle Matteo. I don’t care he’s the ruler of the Carini Empire. I won’t let him take Nina.
He wants Nina, but he’s a patient man. He’ll steal me, break me, to get her back.
I won’t let him.
Even if I become addicted to the darkness.

I always knew that there was evil in this world. I just didn’t realize evil would ever come for me.

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Category: Erotic Romance