Dionna’s Mage

by Ruby Ryan

After their victory at the Academy, the Ninety-First Quintelaide returns home as heroes. Dionna’s name is on everyone’s lips: the girl who killed a Silithik Queen. And their discovery of the hive portals—and the tunnels that made them possible—has allowed the Archenon to squash any other sneak attacks.

But their troubles are only beginning. The Silithik are tearing through Archenon territory in the north-west, and the eastern front is beginning to falter. When it comes time to finally receive their marching orders, the Ninety-First is champing at the bit to learn where they’ll be deployed.

Instead, they learn the Archon has other plans for them.

As they struggle with their new mission, Dionna needs to find out what’s tormenting Arthur—because something is clearly eating away at the Frost Mage. Can she discover what it is in time to stop him, or will she—and the rest of the Ninety-First Quintelaide—discover the truth too late?

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Category: Fantasy Romance