Devi’s Bliss: a story of Noelle

by Mika Lane

Men adore Noelle Berry. They shower her with gifts. And they pay her well.

Some might call her a hooker.

She adores all her clients. There’s one, though, whom she just can’t seem to get out of her head. Mr. R. He’s shaken her to her core. He wants to see her again. What girl wouldn’t jump at that?

Noelle wouldn’t. She doesn’t have time for distractions. She’s already got a guy in her life—her mischievous kid brother. She’s solely responsible for him and she’s got big plans to scrape together the kind of security they never had growing up.

But damn if it isn’t hard to say no to Mr. R. He wants to help her realize her dream. He even has a plan for her wayward brother.

Can she make room for him? Should she? Will he really be any different from the man in her past who hurt her the most?

Let Noelle Berry show you the sensual existence of a Devi’s Bliss girl.

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Category: Erotic Romance