Dead Butterflies

by Lacee Hightower

Kinley Hunt:
You name it, I’ve seen it. Disturbing coroner’s reports. Chilling autopsy photos. Daunting crime scenes. As a training private investigator to two seasoned, ex-DPS officers, I’ve witnessed a little bit of everything. I may only be a couple of inches over five feet, but I’m one tough cookie and very little rattles me.

Until automobile entrepreneur Derek Kinnard comes roaring back into my life.

There’s a mystery behind the pretty. A darkness. A bitterness. An evil kind of aura. Something sinister lurks behind the intoxicating smile and all the cheerful promises of the man known around these parts as Mr. Car Aficionado.
God knows I should have listened to my inner voice. But he sets my body on fire and turns my morals to ash. We’re meant for each other. I see it in his eyes every time he looks at me. I feel it in my heart every time he touches me. I taste it every time he kisses me.

And even though he claims there’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the two of us, I can’t seem to care. The more he tells me to walk away, the more I seem to persevere.

Derek Kinnard:
Death doesn’t scare me. Hell, I look forward to it. If it weren’t for my father, I’d put a bullet through my head.

They destroyed my family. They left a fire seething within my soul and a beast raging behind my face. Hatred reels within me, my heart nothing but unyielding stone.

At twenty-years-old, I killed for the first time and walked away certain of one thing. It was my first execution. It wouldn’t be my last. By day, I’m CEO to a multi-million-dollar automobile empire. By night, I’m a ruthless killer who eliminates small-scale drug dealers—brutally, painfully, barbarically—without a shard of remorse.

I find.
I follow.
I learn.
I kill.
I’ve only one goal left in this place called life … Revenge.

Until a smart-lipped, feisty brunette walks through my dealership and leaves me questioning everything I’ve planned since I was eighteen. She looks at me and I turn hard all over. She touches me and my heart skips a beat. But there’s no castle in the air. No light at the end of any tunnel. Nothing is what it seems. The handsome face and dimpled smile seen on television screens is only a small part of the mask I hide behind.

I warned her to keep her distance.
Had she been smart, she would have listened.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Butterfly Dreams

by Lacee Hightower

Damian Kinnard is no angel. By his own admission, he’s an asshole and only cares about money and sex. He loved once, but that ended with betrayal and promising himself one thing – never again. But when a close friend goes missing, he’s left with no option but to rely on the man who handed him his heart.
Two years have passed since they’ve spoken or seen each other and while the pain and angst are still there, so is the heat, passion, and unshakeable hunger.

As the truth unravels behind the missing person’s case, Damian fights for both the honor of his family and his engrained hunger for the Latino detective who he gave the one thing he’d never given another – his submission.

Will one alpha man stick to his rule regarding second chances? Will another stay true to his religious and moral obligations?

One man’s tragedy is about to lead to something dark, dirty … and dangerous.

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