Dazzled by Love

by C.A. Krause

When her ex walks back into Club B wanting to win her back, Mistress Alessandra isn’t having it. Four years ago, Alex had everything she ever wanted within her grasp. Then Benedict walked out on her without so much as a word. There is no way she’s risking her heart again. Even if he’s still hot as hell.

Single-dad Benedict tried to do the right thing, but there is no denying it—he screwed up when he left Alex behind. Now he’s back and wants to prove himself to the woman who still haunts his dreams.

When she says no, he knows he must accept it, but there is one minor complication: his former Mistress is his daughter’s first grade teacher.

What happens when Alex is forced to tolerate Benedict’s presence? Will a moment of intimacy complicate matters further? Dive into the world of Club B and find out!

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: BDSM