Dauntless: Episode 6 of The Shattered Chronicles

by Ciana Stone

What’s a woman to do when the men around her won’t listen to reason, spend all their time plotting to kill one another, take over the world and possess her?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Reckless: Episode 1 of the Shattered Chronicles

by Ciana Stone

“OMG, it’s addictive! This series gets better with each book, taking you deeper into a reality you never imagined, with dangers and passions as powerful and dark as a storm. Dive in and get lost!” Candid book Reviews

“Perhaps my biggest sin was that my faith in Cord was so uncompromising and complete, I didn’t try and see him for who he was, but kept the fantasy of who I wanted him to be in place to mask the truth. And where did that get me? With a husband who’s run off on some reckless quest, a woman who claims she’s his lover and government agents who claim Cord is responsible for missing spent-nuclear-fuel. I’d say, at the moment, I win the prize for whose life sucks the most. The question is, how do I put things back the way they were? ” Morgan Windwalker.

Take the first step in a journey that will take you on a trip you won’t soon forget in The Shattered Chronicles.

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