Daughter of Kronos

by Tamar Sloan

Demigods as you’ve never seen them before!
Kadence has the power to stop time. Will she find a reason to restart it?

There’s only one thing Kadence has ever wanted—to leave the painful life she’s been forced to endure, and join her father in Olympus. When Kronos comes to her with a mission, Kadence seizes the opportunity to use her demigod powers to earn the right to go to him.

All she has to do is figure out who’s messing with people’s timelines. Good people are dying before they should, others are living beyond their allocated minutes. But as fates are irrevocably changed and darkness appears at every turn, Kadence finds herself wondering—is the world even worth saving?

Her only ray of hope is Micah, a guy with no past or family. Mysterious, philosophical, and confidently optimistic, Micah shows Kadence that for any light to be seen, darkness must be present. For the first time, love has Kadence doing something she’d never imagined…believing.

It’s when her world of demigod responsibilities collides with the darkness she’s fighting that Kadence must make a choice. Does she still want to go to Olympus if it means leaving Micah behind?
And when the unthinkable happens—how will she use her powers?

Because Kadence has the ability to stop time. It’s whether she wants to restart it that will become the question.

From the winner of the 2018 RONE Award YA Book of the Year, this epic series is brimming with unforgettable romance and breathtaking surprises. Grab your copy now!

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Category: Urban Romance