Dating Rich

by Linnea West

Ten years after her parents died, Rachel Thompson has a job she loves as a preschool teacher and a full schedule of community education classes to attend. She thought she was happy until Brock Blankenship walked into her school. Brock is a billionaire who helps run his family’s business. He was focused on closing deals until his first wife died, leaving him to raise their daughter Lily on his own. After finding that Lily hardly knew him, Brock restructured his life. He hadn’t even considered starting to date again until he walked Lily to her classroom one morning. Rachel struggles to accept she is falling for Brock because it may mean risking her job. Brock wants to be with Rachel, but his mother Prunella is against him marrying someone so beneath him socially. They are determined to be together. But is that determination enough when they come up against a scheming Prunella?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance