Dating Disaster with a Billionaire

by Elizabeth Lynx

Win a Date with a Billionaire!
Everyone wanted me to enter the contest. The reason I shouldn’t? I was a walking, talking, dating disaster.
I’m Marika. I run a coffee shop in this small mountain town. Things were fine until that expensive resort moved in down the road. More and more of my customers go there for their morning coffee.
How can I compete with the rich and powerful? If I enter the Win a Date with a Billionaire contest, I have a chance at winning enough money to help my business.
As a VidTube star, most people know me. I’m Jokin’ James. Everyone except the woman I am falling for, Marika. I have been coming by her coffee shop for almost a year, but she has no idea who I am or that my brother owns the resort that is stealing her customers.
I am all ready to ask her out when she enters the contest my brother was running. I have to stop her.

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Category: Romantic Comedy