Dark Rings

by Lainey Delaroque

Hana, Mathias and Connor meet to do one thing – play. But when a twisted organization buries its claws into each of them, how far are they willing to go to protect their dynamic?
Sedated women. Disappearing clients. I need to know what’s going on.
Luckily, I got gangster friends.
I only have to make sure to keep the trouble away from Mathias and Connor.
I’m finally back working in a hospital, but not as a doctor—as a spy.
And I’m a terrible spy.
But patients are going missing—something’s horribly wrong here.
Trickiest part of the plan? Keep Hana and Connor safe.
What’s the worst that can happen to the IT guy? Your boss gives you the shadiest client in the universe—a hospital that wants to erase patients’ records.
I ain’t doing that.
All I want is to play with Hana and Mathias and stay out of trouble.
But life never goes that way, does it?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance