Daring Dr. Devlin

by C.D. Samuda

She slugged the last colleague who dared put his dirty lips on her. Dr. Samantha Cullen is a general surgeon who performs best in emergency situations. Known as the ’emergency doctor’, she doesn’t give up until all options are exhausted for saving a patient’s life.
But Dr. Cullen has a problem with men who can’t keep it in their pants. Her ex-husband was one such man – handsome, sexy and a womanizing pr*ck.
When transferred to a new hospital, she takes one look at Dr. Devlin McCarthy and knows he’s trouble. Her mission is to stay clear of him, but those darn eyes keep drawing her in. Fighting against what her heart wants will be one hell of a conflict. But she must keep him at bay, if only to save herself from involuntary cardiac rhythms.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance