Dangerous Code

by Stella Marie Alden

Order another cup of coffee! Stella’s breath-taking tale will have you up half the night.

Stella Marie Alden, best known for ‘How to Train Your Knight’, floors us with her first contemporary thriller. Glad I got a first peak. …Justine’s Reviews.


“Oh my God. I’m on a bus with a friggin’ terrorist.”

Detective O’Brien puts his attraction to a beautiful genius on hold in order to find the terrorist who has breached NYC’s firewalls. Is it someone from her past as she claims, or is her? Or maybe her artificial intelligence program is completely out of control.


I dash out of the Port Authority and claim the last hand-hold on the downtown bus. The brakes hiss, we lurch forward, and suddenly my headset mutes. Instead of Blake Shelton, the male voice of my artificial intelligence barges in.

“Terrorist alert.”

Don’t freak out, Jones. It’s probably just a bug.

Shaking, I let go of the metal loop and pull out my iPhone. On the screen, my AI application flashes bright over a black background.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance