Danger Close (Delta Force Echo: An Iniquus Action Adventure Romance Book)

by Fiona Quinn

Too close for comfort…

Alone in the wilds of mountainous Asia, Jett undertakes an undercover military operation. With threats all around her, alone is the last thing she should be. So, when help arrives, she’s ready to get off the cliff’s edge and back to civilization.

But when her teammate’s K9 partner shows up carrying a plea for help, nothing will stop Jett from racing to the rescue. Not even a sexy Delta Force operator on a mission…

Havoc’s mission – find Jett. Saving the rest of her team, not his orders. Surprised by Jett’s refusal to leave the field, Havoc has a decision to make: Save the girl or save the team? There’s something about Jett that makes him willing to do the one thing he’s never done before, veer from his objective.

With stakes even higher than they imagined, the danger isn’t just close—it surrounds them. Surviving long enough to make it to their happily ever after won’t be easy. No matter the risks, are Jett and Havoc prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed?

Danger Close is a strangers-to-lovers military action-adventure romance.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance