Dancing With Ghosts

by Rita H Rowe

Alex will never dance again.
Her parents and her dreams, all lost in one fateful night.
Unable to put her faith in love and happiness, not even
for Nicholas, the man she loves, she escapes to Chernut,
a country town far from the reminders of her past.
Here at the beautiful Lovelet Manor, inhabited by a
family who are as lost as she is, Alex finds solace
in the picturesque gardens of which she is caretaker,
accepting that her life can never be full again.
But when she meets Edward in the grand gazebo, she
discovers that her heart may not be done with her yet.
And for the first time in a long time,
she allows herself to be loved.
But is she losing her mind?
Will the ghosts of her past keep her running forever?
Or will Alex find herself before she runs out of time?

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Category: Paranormal Romance