Dagger’s Dilemma: Not Lady Like series

by K. Carter

There’s nothing more important to Dagger ‘Dag’ Jackson than her job. She lives for the thrill of being the deadliest hitwoman walking the streets, as she gets to work side by side with her two best friends. Plus, working for the most dangerous and powerful woman in the city has its perks…as long as you follow the rules, and Dagger does just that…

Until Luca. When Luca steps into Dag’s life, everything is turned upside down. Life, as she’s always known it, is abruptly disrupted and has her questioning everything. The once untouchable assassin finds herself vulnerable, in the worst way.

Meanwhile, in the streets around her, a powerful danger lurks and threatens to rip apart the town as she fights to protect it.

Suddenly, the deadliest woman in the city has more to fear, and so much more to lose.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Interracial Romance