Daddy’s Sweet Ride (Lost Coast Daddies Romance Book 2)

by Olivia Fox

Chloe rarely has “symptoms” anymore with help from medication and therapy. But when her mooching sister racks up charges on her credit card, her bi-polar disorder comes to call. That same day she meets Jax, and his daddy dom ways set her at ease, while leaving her body delightfully disturbed.

My scorching hot auto body shop boyfriend really knows how to handle his tools: Hitachi wand, hydraulic lift, to say nothing of his sizable apparatus.

Not only that, he wants me to call him daddy.

He doles out spankings and punishments like they’re going out of style. He buys me presents, calls me “princess” and when we’re all alone I am his sexy little pet that will stop at nothing to satisfy his filthy mind.

Daddy’s Sweet Ride is a standalone book in the Lost Coast Daddies Romance Series with habanero hot sex scenes, an HEA, and a sassy baby girl who finds a daddy who won’t give up on her. It does not feature age play, pull ups or pacis.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Sizzling Hot Daddy (Lost Coast Daddies Romance Book 1)

by Olivia Fox

Gracie’s lights go out in the middle of the night and Luke is the only one who can turn her back on. Turns out, he’s a daddy dom who’s dying to shock her in bed. One thing is certain in this forced proximity story…sparks fly faster than you can say “spanking”!

Luke: Gracie is too tempting.

A hot mess.

And she’s too easy to access in my guest room.

It’s a real shame how her mouthwatering curves are driving me mad.

Ruffly undies, little girl squeals and delicious voluptuousness all make me want to taste her.
She’s armed with stuffed bunnies and a stockpile of vanilla cupcakes against the world.

A world, which has shown her its worst before she was old enough to fight back.

She needs a protector, and I won’t stop until she realizes I’m the man for the job.

Will she learn to follow my rules?

Or will she sass and disobey on purpose in order to receive my special brand of discipline?

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