Cupcakes and Squabbles

by Eola Eden

Can two peace-loving wolves find their happy ending… and heal a centuries-long rift?

Shiloh Moonshadow has spent his life hiding from the Highborn. Now that the danger has passed, his parents want him to follow their path of wealth and power, and they’re not happy when he opens a bakery instead. As a compromise, Shiloh signs up for a new shifter dating website.

Kullen Mosspaw runs an herbalist shop in Boulder, which gets him constant teasing from his rough, tough, full-of-alphas family. After several bad dating experiences, he worries that he’s not alpha enough for most omegas, even though he and Shiloh have an instant attraction.

But it’s not just their own compatibility they have to worry about. There are secrets that will land them right in the middle of a bitter feud. Can this fated pair of misfits unite the squabbling factions, or will their baby grow up in a fractured family?

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Category: LGBT Romance