Crushed Velvet

by Silke Black

Abuse and giving pleasure are the only things Teresa has known for the last few years: as long as her head stays down and her client list full, she will be fine.

In over her head after signing into a sex trafficking contract, Teresa makes a living but pays most of it back to her corrupt Madame. After working in the underground clubs, she moves outside the club scene to take on her own clients.

The only friend she has is her ex-roommate June, who has plenty of issues of her own. Thoroughly tied to her abuses, Teresa sees no other option but to continue living this way – until her old bodyguard is replaced by the gorgeous ex-Navy sweetheart Drew, who insists on being her friend.

Soon, Teresa begins to see that not everyone in her life is abusive… and that pleasure is not a fairy tale.

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Category: Erotic Romance