Crush for Curves (My Sexy-Hot-Boss Book 1)

by Skye-Anne Chariss

Their lust could ruin his career… but he wants her anyway.
When Tracy lands a top spot in the firm, she can’t believe her luck. Not only is she proving herself to her colleagues, but she also gets to hang out with Brad – the handsome, charming CEO who can’t seem to take his eyes off her.
Brad promoted Tracy for her skills – but that doesn’t stop him from letting his imagination run wild with crazy sexual thoughts about her. He then volunteers to be her personal coach. Their professional life soon spills over into a forbidden affair filled with secretive sex and unforgettable nights spent in each other’s arms.
But when a mysterious rival threatens to sabotage Tracy’s job, their lives take a darker turn – and they must fight to hold their relationship together in the face of the firm’s ultimatums and a brewing scandal that could sink everything Brad has ever worked for…
Can Brad and Tracy save their budding relationship when the whole world seems to be against them? Or is their forbidden relationship far too dangerous to cling onto?

My Sexy-Hot Boss series is a tantalizing and gripping sexual adventure that’s perfect for fans of billionaire romance tales. Gear up for a wild ride of passion, drama, and crazy sex like you’ve never seen before. Scroll up and grab your copy now because Brad is waiting…

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Category: Erotic Romance