Cross My Heart

by Avery Maxwell

Becoming a nanny was not part of my plan, but when tragedy strikes, I need a new beginning.

I’ve given up on the idea of love, so living with a stranger shouldn’t be a problem. My past broke me beyond repair, and I’ve learned to accept that. What I’m not prepared for is my new boss to be the unbearably sexy single dad, Dexter Cross. He exudes a confidence I’ve never known and brings out a sass I didn’t know I had.

Teasing him comes naturally, but the more time I spend with him and his children, the harder I fear it will be to leave. And I must leave.

I promised him one year, but all too quickly Dex sets his eyes and heart on me. He thinks I can choose them and stay, but he doesn’t understand my kind of damaged. My scars run deep, but apparently so does his determination.

With the help of his chosen family, he sets out to make me his, one grand gesture at a time.

But the question remains: Am I strong enough to let go of my past? Or are some hearts too broken to heal, even for Dexter Cross?

A page-turning emotional rollercoaster; can Lanie learn to accept love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance