Crime Of My Love: Part One

by Meyrav Einstein

Alex Friedman, a thirty-year-old lawyer, has no idea who she is. When she was only ten years old, her parents were killed just as she was waving goodbye to them from her window.
One thing Alex does know about herself, however, is her extreme intolerance towards criminals, which causes the loss of one job after another and again as the book begins.

When Ethan Rock, a tough NYPD detective, is called to the murder scene of the head of a known criminal organization, the immediate suspect is Alex. But one meeting with her is enough for him to understand that not only is she not the murderer, but that she is also in grave danger.

Alex’s life is getting more complicated by the minute. A mysterious woman, who reveals to Alex they are related, shuffles the cards and puts her in a situation where she has to choose between the two things she wants most.

What will she choose? And at what cost?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance