Crazy Rich LA

by Bo Grant

A dream weekend invitation to Los Angeles for small-business owner, Camille is exactly what she has been waiting for to rocket her company into the big leagues. Her business partner/best friend could do this in her sleep. But when Camille finds herself flying alone to California, her hopes and confidence plummet.
Camille will have to keep her nerves in check and her spirits high if she wants to see her dream become a reality.

Wade Bloom’s weekend plans are to check in on his mother to make sure that she isn’t overworking herself and enjoy a weekend in L.A. Instead, he finds a stranger dancing around his mother’s guesthouse.

When a surprise meeting sends them both reeling, Camille and Wade will have to find common ground if they want this deal to work. The only thing Camille is sure of is that she cannot fall for the boss’s son.

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Category: Contemporary Romance