Craving My Billionaire Fake Fiancé

by Valencia Rose

Playing the fake fiancée to my brother’s billionaire best friend was never in my plans.
After college I came back home to start my own fashion house when I met Logan Pierce, my high school crush.
He was my brother’s bestie, an arrogant playboy, who ignored me except when he wanted to poke fun at me.
But now we were stuck together all week for my brother’s wedding and the way he looked at me was awakening desires I never knew I had.
As we got tangled in a passionate kiss, I knew I shouldn’t have done that; but it was just one taste. Two. Okay, three.
When my brother caught us, Logan declared me his fiancée!
I decided to play along until the wedding was over. But the line between real & pretend started to blur as I saw a side of Logan I never knew.
The weekend would end and I’d go back to my life, I thought. There was only one problem. I was in too deep.

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Category: Contemporary Romance