Covert Fae

by C.N. Crawford

It’s been eighteen months since angels ripped our world apart. Once, I was a fae burlesque dancer, decked in sequins. Now, I live in an old medical clinic in East London. I spend my days scrounging for food, and hiding from monsters that haunt the city.

After a few encounters with the disturbingly seductive angels, I get a chance to fight back. I’m going into the angels’ castle as a spy. I have two goals: find out where my sister went on the day the world ended, and learn the angels’ weaknesses.

Only problem is, I have to pretend to be someone I’m not: an enchanting succubus. And I’m not sure I can keep my wild fae nature under control. If one of the heartbreakingly beautiful angels discovers who I really am, the fate of the entire world could lie in ruins.

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Category: Paranormal Romance